The beginning: Assessing the car and planning the trip

I’ve decided to start a blog to chronicle the purchase, use in Europe and importation of an exquisite 1966 BMW 1800 with an original 45,000 km.   This car series, starting with the 1500 model launched in 1962, was known as the “Neue Klasse” (New Class) and essentially brought BMW back from the brink of bankruptcy.  Imagine that!

Below are some pictures of the car.  The car is currently for sale at Stehling Automotive in Berlin and has been thoroughly restored in 2008.  It is a 2 owner car manufactured December 20th, 1965 and delivered on June 16th, 1966 (it was first destined for France but then truned around back to Germany), to the BMW dealer Staschel in Bremerhaven.

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New hubcaps, bumpers and trim from new old stock original parts

Engine is completely correct, down to the tar top 6V battery

New tail lights, bumpers, badge and trim

New cloth seat inserts on original seats. Note early flat dash with wood backdrop

The original owner kept it until 1987 when he passed it to the second owner (they were related)  who only used for 3 months and then sat unused until Stehling acquired it in 2005.

I am currently awaiting the results of a test drive  by a local BMW Veteranen (Classic) club of Germany member before pulling the trigger to buy the car.  An initial and thorough visual inspection by the same person revealed it is a car in exceptional condition so I don’t expect any surprises.

My plan is to pick it up in Berlin April 8th.  The next day give it a shake down drive while touring the Berlin area and then depart for Essen, 530 kms. away, on the 10th, to visit Techno Classica, the largest classic car show in Europe.  Then that same evening head out to Brussels to stay with friends Sunday and finally ship the car out from the Zeebrugge port on Monday, returning home on Tuesday.

I expect the next update to be in the next 7 days once I confirm the engine and the gearbox condition and finalize the trip’s details.


7 responses to “The beginning: Assessing the car and planning the trip

  1. Great Looking car Luis!!! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. Parece nuevo. Es increible!
    Me encantan los carros “cuadraditos”.

  3. Se ve muy bien y debe llamar mucho la atención. Posiblemente el costo fué mayor que el de el modelo mejor nuevo, mas el tiempo que tuvistes que dedicarle, pero si te gusta que lo disfrutes, posiblemente es mas comodo que lsa cuevas. Cariños a todos

  4. Luis, I too am awaiting the results of the test
    drive by the Veteranen Club member. Each
    time I see the pictures I become extremely
    nostalgic because of the earlier experience I
    related to you. Keep me posted concerning
    the progress.

  5. Hi Luis, what a beautiful car! I followed you here from bimmerfest, after noting you are from MKE. I would have joined you on your trip, but we already have a trip planned for summer (not car related..) enjoy your trip and I would love to see your BMW when you return. Regards, Tom

  6. Hi
    Fantastic car and kudos to you for what you’re doing.
    I love these old BMWs, but ……..lack of time or money……..
    Good Luck and keep posting !
    High Regards
    Alex T

  7. Our family had a 66 1800A in light green. Listed for $3575 and bought for $3,100 from Continental Motors in Painfield, NJ. That was when the Rover 2000 was getting rave reviews. BMW owners then were rare in the US and we used to flash our headlights when we saw another, though they made us disable that because it was illegal back then – thought you were impersonating a cop of all things. The car was great to drive, especially on dirt – never forget going up Mt. Evans in Colorado 14260 ft. Ad those great ess-curves. The Weber carb was problematical, though, and the car spent too much time in the shop and my sister. O stuck a few times in it. Never knew why they had a 6 volt battery which were not common that late. Find memories overall.

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