The inspection results are in

Well… everything took longer than I thought but since the first post the car has been visually inspected and test driven.  After sitting on the edge of my chair for two weeks, the news is very good.

Soon after deciding to buy the car a few weeks ago,  I contacted Goetz Pfafflin, president of the BMW Vintage and Classic Car Club of America .  Upon relating my plan to him, he indicated he is well-acquainted with the president of  the  BMW Veteranen-Club Deutschland, who in turn “had a guy in Berlin”, Herr Volklandt, who could inspect and test drive the car on my behalf.  As expected, he is very familiar with vintage BMW’s and has keen eye for detail.

As it happened, due to bad weather and schedules, it took Herr Volklandt two visits over the course of two weeks:  one to inspect the car and one to test drive it since during his first visit the fuel tank had been taken out of the car for internal re-sealing.   Further delaying things, the car’s presence had been requested at the Berlin Film Festival, the Berlinale, for which BMW was a major sponsor and brought some of their BMW Classic cars.  See some of them here, but sadly, not the Turf 1800: Skip to 0:43 to see the cars.

The visual inspection and test drive reports coming from Herr Volklandt were long and detailed.  The bottom line is that the car is indeed as nice as it appears on the photos.  See full photo set here:

I have contacted the selling dealer, Herr Stehling and arranged to have him send me a formal purchase agreement to firm up the deal and flight arrangements have been firmed up.

Although the test drive by Herr Volklandt revealed no issues, we are planning to stay in Berlin and surroundings for a full day (Friday 4/9) after picking up the car to shake it out as much as possible before embarking on the 900+ km trip from Berlin to Essen, Brussels and ultimately Zeebrugge.

A local BMW club member, Chris, signed up for the trip and we now have plane tickets for April 7th to Berlin arriving April 8th.  A hotel with a parking garage has been reserved in Berlin.  Still need to find one in the Essen area.

That’s it for now!


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