Saturday (Part II): Techno Classica

Saturday afternoon we arrived at Techno Classica at around 3:30 pm and decided to go in even though the show closes at the surprisingly early time of 6 pm.  I thought we could see maybe half the show that day and then 2 or 3 hours the next day and we’d be done.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  We came back on Sunday at 10 am and stayed until 4 pm and I still didn’t see but maybe 50% of it.  This show is simply gigantic.  It is billed as the largest classic car show in Europe, and it felt even larger than that.  The stats from 2009 were as follows: 169,000 visitors from 41 countries, 110,000 square meters (that’s 27 acres!) divided into 20 halls and 4 open air areas.  There were more than 1,000 exhibitors from 28 countries, including 220 club displays.

This will be mostly show and tell with lots of photos so here we go.  First, let’s start with the cars seen in the parking lot.

Red number plates are historic (collector) plates with reduced taxation

This car has US style signal lights

Badass 997 in Matte Black

Here are some more photos of the BMW Classic display

The CSL batmobile above is for sale for 115,000 Euro.  It is unrestored and with an original 39,000 Km.  Other interesting cars seen on our stroll through the exhibit floor on Friday are below.

Below is the rare Citroen M35 Wankel-engined prototype based partially on the Ami 6


Peugot 304 Coupe S

Later on Saturday night, at the hotel bar we met Costas and Stavros, classic car (both owners of BMW 2002’s) enthusiasts from the UK who were in town for the show.  It’s a short 1 hour flight for them from London to Essen.  Below, Costas pronounces the 1800 “a nice piece of kit” when we showed it to him in the hotel garage.  Another photo of both of them on the show floor.  Also in the photo is Rainer, who’s from Berlin and drives a classic E21 BMW 316.  We met him in the parking lot at the end of the day when he gravitated towards the 1800 to check it out and chat.  It turns out he is a mechanic in Berlin and has done some work for Stehling so he knew the 1800.

From L to R: Chris, Rainer (BMW E21 316 owner), Stavros and Costas

Costas checks out the 1800 at the hotel garage that night

Rainer comes by to check out the car

An officer of the ’02 club in Germany (above) came by as well and invited us to an event next year.  Tempting…

I didn’t discover the area of the exhibits devoted to the parts vendor until Sunday. It’s simply amazing, you can find an incredible array of parts.  I will cover that on the next post.


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