Sunday: Techno Classica Day 2 – Vendors

We decided to head back to the show for a few hours on Sunday to see the rest of it… HA!  This show is impossible to see in its entirety in less than 3 days and to really enjoy it, you need all four days, particularly if you are looking for parts for your classic.

We hot the show about 9:30.  I wanted to concentrate on the parts and literature vendors and they occupied several halls in the convention center.  Chris hung out with me in the beginning but after spending what must have seemed to him as an interminable 15 minutes poring over many stacks old Dutch Esso Oil lubrication fiches, he wisely decided to split up and tour the show on his own for a little while.

There were vendors for every imaginable area of classic automobilia: Literature, rubber seals, brake lines, SS metric hardware, body parts, headlights, ignition parts, wipers and on and on; most of this NOS parts.  I was woefully unprepared to take advantage of all these offerings and should have had with me all specifics pertaining to my Fiat 500L and Citroen 2CV and even the BMW:  Old, historic part numbers for all consumables such as points, condensers, plugs etc., wipers lengths, bulb specs, etc.  Let’s take a look:

(if a photo is not displaying on this page, click it anyway and it will open)

Some of the parts available from BMW Classic

Alfa Romeo Parts

The Oil Paraphernalia guy. All oil, all the time. Amazing…

Vintage oil cans

One of several headlamp vendors

Every imaginable manual for Mercedes vehicles and sub-components. There were several Mercedes vendors.

This vendor had owner's manuals for many, many Porsche models of nearly every year

VW vendor

General German Automobilia; check out the cool ADAC vintage badges

Same table above

This one is hard to see but it's pre-war radiators and cores

I don't even know what all this is but it must be valuable to someone because there was no room for junk in this show

Correct tar-top vintage batteries in 6V and 12V at

Tasty Alpina bits hiding within...

Circa 1970 Hella driving light set

...even correct clothing for classy vintage motoring

BMW 327 body panels

SS Clamps and hardware

Fiat and Lancia vendor

Next post will deal with the huge MB display, some club displays and even more interesting cars.


2 responses to “Sunday: Techno Classica Day 2 – Vendors

  1. hello,Did you have more info about the body parts from the BMW 327

    • Thanks for your question Ton. I looked back and that is the only photo I have of that vendor. I’m sure they’re somewhere online but I have no more specifics, sorry! A group from the BMW vintage and classic car club of america is visiting Techno Classica this year perhaps you could contact them to bring you back some more information.

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