Sunday: Techno Classica Wrap Up

The latter part of the day at TC we spent seeing as many other car and club displays as possible.  Here are some of them:

Ferrari Daytona --so, so tasty...

Audi 50, built only for Europe 1974 - 1978

Very clean and sorted E3 for sale for 28.500 Euro

I'd buy this car in a second if I had the room... OK, I do have a soft spot for boxy, classic BMWs

Color is Granatrot metallic.

E3 "Sticker"

There were several factions of Citroen clubs, DS, GS, you name it.  Here are some notable cars from their displays:

DS decked out for serious rally duty

1966 2CV with 425 cc engine, smartly decked out in rally regalia

I’ve seen a lot of 2CV period accessories but never these clever “hang-on” lights

40 years of the GS and SM!!

GSA Break "Cottage" edition

One way to gain access to the underside. How come we don't see these lifts in the US? Lawyers?

The Fiat 600 Club display

The Mercedes exhibit was very substantial in terms of size and also the level of interest of the vehicles they brought.  Below is a sampling.  The red 300 SL is an unrestored, completely original example from California.  Throughout this trip, between the Meilenwerk and TC, we likely saw over a dozen 300 SL gullwings.  More than I’ve seen in my entire life…

Other interesting cars seen on the way out:

Toyota 2000 GT: Rare and justifiably pricey. ONe the coolest vintage rides from Japan

Here’s a Lancia Stratos for sale.  This is an little known, significant car, read up on it.

1974 Lancia Stratos HF

That’s all for now.  The next post will be about the end of the day and the trip to Brussels Sunday night.


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