Sunday evening: On the way to Brussels

At the end of the day, we connected with Aurel,  an enthusiast who lives in the Essen area who  who recently bought a gorgeous BMW CS Coupe.  We met through the E9 Forums .  It was great meeting you Aurel!

Aurel and Luis with Aurel's "new" E9

The only picture of the both of us. I'm on the left (Luis), Chris on the right

After two days of classic  car gluttony, it was time to get out of Essen and head for Brussels, where we would stay the night with my good friend Karl and his family.   I didn’t want to at night, in case we had a breakdown, not that I was thinking it could happen again…

The route ahead of us was about 240 km, or about 2:15 at the speeds the 1800 was comfortable cruising.   It seemed so close compared to the 540 km we drove Saturday.

Here are a couple of videos of autobahn driving at its best, where we get our doors blown off:

On this evening, there seemed to be an ever present threat of rain, with dark clouds following us nearly the whole route.  It only sprinkled and that’s a good thing since the wipers on the car were less than effective.  The forecast for the whole trip was sunny so I never thought to replace them.

Dueling GPS's

We arrived to Karl house right around 8 pm and parked in front of his city house while we went in and had a fantastic grilled fish (Dorado) dinner.

With Karl in front of his house

In front of Karl's house

Yep; still there

Not really wanting to risk city street parking, Karl let us use a parking garage he rents out in the apartment building across the street.  The garage stalls are very narrow and short and the 1800 barely fits.

The garage feels like a cold war era Russian bunker

The route so far:

The next morning, Chris is scheduled to return to the US and I will head out to Zeebrugge to deliver the car to the shippers.


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