Updated position on the Tapiola

The ship is once again in the range of Vesseltracker’s tracking and nearing Baltimore:

"X" marks the spot as of early this evening

Spoke to the broker today and she sent a power of attorney form so that she can complete all the transactions on my behalf.  She also sent the requisite  EPA Forms and D.O.T. Forms.  You can click on these links to view or download the forms.  She will also go ahead and pay the $75 charge on my behalf and add it to my bill.  This is quicker, easier and cheaper than me having to either wire the money or overnight a money order, since the payment instruction per yesterday’s post are so not customer friendly.

The ISF or “10+2”, is a relatively new regulation to be enforced by US Customs and Border Protection.  See an informative brochure here: http://www.cbp.gov/linkhandler/cgov/newsroom/publications/trade/import_sf_carry.ctt/import_sf_carry.pdf

Since it is the importer’s burden to fulfill this requirement, the shipper and broker in Belgium didn’t see it fit to mention this to me.  The ISF requires a filing be completed online at least 24 hours before the cargo is laden on board the ship.  It’s not clear to me if the filing can be completed by an individual or if it requires a broker to do it.  I only found out about the ISF when my broker asked me if the shipper or broker in Belgium had done it, and course they didn’t, they are not supposed to.  So my broker did it but in principle,  I would be subject to penalties as high as $5,000.  She indicated CBP is in a flexible enforcement stage so no penalties would apply.  I emailed CBP and incredibly, Mr. Craig Clark from the ISF implementation group at CBP called me back within 24 hours and corroborated what my broker indicated in regards to a flexible enforcement period.  He also indicated that they are taking a “common sense” approach to enforcement and even if the flexible enforcement period had lapsed, it would be unlikely that an individual doing what I did would be fined.  He did indicate that a non-intrusive inspection “NII” could be carried out on the car.  Sounded as if they would run the car through a massive X-Ray machine.  This would be a vast improvement over an old-fashioned physical inspection such as they carried out on my Fiat, as evidenced by a back seat which was pried off  but not put back in place.  The NII could delay delivery by a day or so.  Not bad trade-off, if this truly means we will keep dirty nukes and the like off our shores…

So I recognize this is getting a little monotonous now with all the exciting maritime news, so here are some gratuitous shots of some of the the cool rides on display or for sale at the Meilenwerk in Berlin just to keep everybody awake for now…  I still plan on writing a post on the Meilenwerk.  If you missed it, go back to the “Pick up (and the stall)” post to read what the Meilenwerk is all about.  Click on a picture to see it full size.


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