The 1800 has arrived, but…

On Thursday the 29th, the Tapiola arrived at the port of Baltimore.  That same day I submitted all the alphabet soup of forms to my broker:  EPA, DOT, POA and BOS and asked when I could expect to receive Customs clearance.  Her email reply at 2:38 pm was:


Entry was sent to customs today and once I have it released, I will forward copies to you.



I replied asking what is the soonest that she would expect to hear from Customs.  She replied:

Tomorrow afternoon (Friday) I may have some results and hard copy stamped by customs by Monday

Woo hoo!!  This would mean I can proceed to firm up my plans, buy an airplane ticket and obtain my temporary WI tags.   Excellent…

On Friday morning at 9:30 her email comes in:

Luis, good morning

Your shipment is on hold by Customs and they should inspect it next week. I keep you posted about the release.


Patricia Carvalho Ruehle

Aaaargh… Although it is to be expected, particularly in light of not having filed the ISF as required prior to sailing, this is still a disappointment.  It means I have to play it by ear this week.  I have checked and I can buy a one-way flight to BWI the day before for only $10 more, $109, as opposed to buying a week in advance for $99.  Not bad.  I am also trying to plan a return trip that includes a couple of interesting Bimmerphile stops.  A visit to Lothar Schuettler who has what is perhaps the best collection of vintage BMWs in the US.  In addition, Mike Self, of BMWCCA Roundel fame, lives in Dayton, Ohio.  Dayton is on my way back and if he can make it happen, we would try to get together a group of ’02 aficionados, and maybe even a Neue Klasse to meet on my way back.

I’ll post as soon as I know anything…


2 responses to “The 1800 has arrived, but…

  1. What an adventure… and a beautiful automobile. Nice stable of vehicles you’ve got there.

  2. Great selection of Pictures mate. Hoping to go in August.

    your post has wetted my apetite. thanks very much

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