WI DMV comes through

Over the weekend, I realized that I would need all the original DOT/EPA/import clearance paperwork to present at the terminal in order to be able to retrieve my car.  Since I had FedEx’d all of that to the DMV in Madison, I decided to call Andrea this morning and make sure that a) She’d received my paperwork and they would be able to issue me registration and plates, and b) She would send me back all the original paperwork.

She returned my call around noon and indicated the FedEx had only showed up on her desk this morning.  The good news is, she will get temporary plates/registration and my original paperwork FedEx’d back out to me today.  However, she indicated there is a link missing in the ownership chain and we need to establish that before I can be granted permanent plates.  The German title I provided is in the name of a prior owner that Stehling, the dealer whom I purchased the 1800 from, sold the car to in April of 2009.  That owner kept it for 6 months and then turned it back to Stehling as a trade for a Mercedes 220 that he just had to have.  I received no documentation clearly establishing Stehling as having bought the car from the man in whose name the German title is.  I need that documentation so I fired an email to Herr Stehling and we’ll see what he has to say.

Here’s a couple of photos of the Meilenwerk just to keep this thing somewhat savory…  I still intend on writing a post about it.  If you missed it before, see my earlier post to get a flavor of what it is: http://wp.me/pQ8YF-U

Not one, but two!


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