Leaving in the morning

Flying out to Baltimore tomorrow at 6 am.  The bag I’m checking weighs 49 lbs and will surely arise TSA’s interest given the assortment of oily fluids, wires and batteries; hey, it’s all TSA blessed to go in checked baggage.

Oils, Water Wetter, batteries on the right side, tool bag, funnel, etc.

I’m planning on observing the proceedings as it goes through the scanning machine in the baggage check area.  When I get to DC, I plan on changing the gearbox, differential and engine oil at my sister’s house prior to embarking on the 800 mile return trip to Milwaukee Saturday.  I’m packing Red Line’s MTL and 75W-90 oils for the gear box and differential since it’s not something you pick up at most auto parts stores.  Also in the suitcase is a fairly complete set of tools, including  bailing wire and duct tape, the absolute fail-safes for any eventuality.  The choice of the latter was validated  this week by the Myth Busters clan, when they successfully put back together in running condition a vintage Diamante (it had it coming…) that had been hacked apart by mad woman Carrie and an underutilized fire brigade eager to put to use their newly-acquired jaws of life.

I’m also packing about 40 AA batteries for use as my 12 V supply for charging duties (GPS, iPhone, etc.) with my improvised cigarette lighter socket since this is a 6 volt car.

12V supply for my 6 volt car

My flight arrives at 9 am and A-1 Escort is all set to meet me near the entrance to the terminal at around 10 am.  They charge $45 and hour and I fully expect to have the car out of the terminal by the 11:30 lunch break.

Until tomorrow!


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  1. Buen viaje!

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