Picking up at Baltimore’s Mid-Atlantic Terminal

Long day:  got up at 4 am to make the 6 am Air Tran to BWI.  Checked the bag and wheeled it over to the TSA scanning machines for checked bags and decided to hover around teh area where I could see what would happen to my bag when they discovered the gear oil, tools and all I was carrying.  Again, it was all TSA-approved, but you never know who’s working the shift.  They opened the bag and spent about 10 minutes looking  at everything and to my relief it all went back in the bag.

The flight arrived ten minutes, I retrieved my bag, got in a cab and to my surprise, when I told the cab driver the address where I was headed he asked me if I was picking up a car.  Wow, how many people actually fly in to do this?! The address was that of a trucking staging area near the terminal; basically a run down, empty gravel lot.  I was supposed to meet Kelly in a blue Jeep.  There about 4 vehicles scattered about the lot with people just loitering in or around them; maybe more TWIC escorts?  I met Kelly, we completed some paperwork, she ascertained I had all my papers to retrieve the car including plates and registration.  When Kelly saw my camera, she said to put it away when we got to the port.  I remembered form the last time how uptight everyone got when I was trigger happy snapping pictures of the port area.  There is a post-9/11 law or regulation prohibiting photography in the marine port area.   So all I have are iPhone photos for now.  I have some other photos I took with my Canon but I forgot to pack my CF card adapter for my laptop so I will have to update the post with those when I get home Sunday.

Kelly then handed me off to Naomi, who was to be my escort for the next hour.   A couple of calls to her dentist (to figure out why they couldn’t find her X-rays) later, we arrived at the terminal.  She said her sinus headache was killing her.  not sure if the two were related.

Naomi, TWIC Escort

The TWIC credentials

After a cursory security clearance at the entry point we proceeded in to the Mid-Atlantic terminal office.

Entry security checkpoint

Mid Atlantic terminal office

Naomi slithered away to make some more phone calls while I figured out where to start out…:

The MAT office

This was actually unexpectedly easy.  I surrendered my “Delivery Order”, one last document I received from my broker, and that is all they needed to see in addition to a ticket with my name and other info on it which the entry guard printed out for me.  No surprise fees, no long waits.  I then walked to “Shed 8”, where the people who actually retrieve the car are located.

"Shed 8"

In this way...

We the followed a guy in a white pick up truck, and there it was:

There it is!

It was behind four Jeep vehicles with UK plates and right hand steering.  Wonder what they are doing here?

The car appeared to be in the exact same condition as when I dropped it off in Zeebruggge.  That was a relief.  It was pretty dirty from sitting out for two weeks and the glass was filthy inside and out.  Wonder why it was so foggy on the inside…

The car started after cranking for about 15 seconds since the gas had probably drained all the way back to the fuel tank.  The car felt really good; that engine just purrs.  I was surprised to be reminded how strong it is and how nice the car drives.

After I left the terminal I had some interesting mishaps but I will document that on my next post tomorrow when I’m hopefully able to post pictures from my Canon camera.

The car however is eager to be driven and I will depart tomorrow morning around 8 am headed out to meet Mike Self and the BMW CCA Buckeye Chapter for their Spring kick-off party just outside of Dayton, Ohio.


One response to “Picking up at Baltimore’s Mid-Atlantic Terminal

  1. The film/fog on the inside glass is the oils from the interior vinyl “off gassing”, very normal. It takes a climate and humidity controlled room to slow it down, hot weather to….

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