Visit to the BMW Museum

Three weeks ago my wife and I had an opportunity to visit the remodeled (2008) BMW museum.  To any fan of the marque, particularly for those of us with an affinity for vintage BMW’s, this was quite a treat.  Only a tour of BMW Classic would top it.

The four cylinder building and the museum 'bowl'.

1500 (model year 1963), the first of the "Neue Klasse" models. The styling of these cars was a departure from prior BMW's and is what's easily recognized as a BMW, with many characteristic styling cues carried forward virtually to this day.

A cloud of model nameplates hangs over the 1500

The gorgeous 3.0 CSi coupe finished in Turkis is placed in a dark room with spotlights shining directly above making it very difficult to photograph well.

A BMW tour guide mentioned that every designer is required to study the coupe as it incorporates so much of the brand's DNA.

Another favorite, the E3 3.3 Li.  The “L” models were long-wheelbase where 100 cms were added between the B and C pillars.

A stack of late 70’s BMW’s: 3, 5, 6 and 7 series.

The timeless 507.  Built between 1956-1959, only 252 were built and MW losy money on every single one of them.

I didn’t read the identifying text, but this 2002 looks to me like the one Mobile Tradition built from scratch a couple of years ago.

A pristine E21 316 sitting outside the museum entrance; making sure no homely 1-series sneaks in…

And finally, the 700

I took many more pictures than I posted here so if there’s anything you are looking for letting me and if I have it I can post it.


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